Enterprise Property Management


This comprehensive, easy to use Property Management System has all the controls and features in place for any size venue ranging from more than 200 rooms to 10 room venues. The Semper Enterprise PMS includes powerful management controls throughout.

Start small and add modules as you grow, or implement a fully integrated system. This includes accommodation reservations, conferencing, stock control, point-of-sale and banking, and adding seamless interfacing with accounting packages such as Pastel. 

Guest profiling and management ensures you are able to substantially increase your return and referral guest ratios. Along with integration to social media and surveys such as TripAdvisor or your own internal surveys, you are well positioned to benefit and take advantage of this new world. Semper Enterprise PMS – Complete Hospitality Software.

  1. Daily Operational & Balancing Reports

    All your information captured with the Semper system can be put to excellent use with reports directed to Marketing, Reservations, Revenue, Key Statistics, Accounting and Front Desk needs, giving you a great overview of your enterprise and its operational performance.
    With its exceptional day-end functionality, Semper makes running and managing the business a smooth and complete process. All aspects of the business are auditable, with a wide range of possible reports. There should be no room for compromise when you demand accurate information in order to make the right management decisions. That is why you should never settle for anything less than a property management system with the high-end functionality of Semper.
    Revenue history reports and revenue forecasting is a strong feature of the system. To be able to strategise your pricing, Revpa and occupancy issues for the future, accessing your history is avital requirement. Determine your past income per room, revenue per product type, forward bookings against year before, anticipated Revpa, other income projections and so make accurate forecasts for your establishments using Semper’s invaluable reporting module.

  2. Accounting

    The powerful accounting module of Semper is a key reason why Semper is the much preferred PMS system. No matter how large or modest the venue, this module will help reduce accounting costs substantially, while you remain in full control of all financial aspects of your hospitality business.
    The system retains records of all outstanding debtors according to company (corporate, travel agent or tour operator) or guest debtor. Customisation of dates for debtor statements is done according to your needs. In addition, Semper is seamlessly integrated with Pastel Sage.

  3. Front Office & Reservations Management

    Semper makes the day-to-day combined management of front office and reservations office simple and easy. Room management becomes a smoothly running function. The system displays the rooms within one window as a colour-coded grid for the front desk and reservations team to easily identify occupied rooms, or as allocated/unallocated inventory. This up-to-the-minute availability on one screen allows the reservations team or front desk to confirm availability instantly, accurately and with confidence.
    The daily tasks of managing all aspects of your enterprise are considerably eased with room status available on all your own screens. Managing housekeeping becomes even more effective. Generate day sheets showing arrivals and departures to make sure all staff remain fully informed about any and all changes. Additional functions of the reservations module are very useful with quotations, deposit tracking, group bookings, or service status block-outs for maintenance or any other reason.
    One of the most helpful is the look-up function “search reservations’. This allows for search by reservations number, folio number, guest first name, last name, arrival date, departure date or any other information relating to the past, present and future.
    All the other front office functions are also simplified and streamlined. The system allows for tracking the number of arrivals, departures, non-invoiced reservations, as well as printing guest registration cards for check-in or invoicing at check-out.
    The Semper system accommodates multiple users in real time and increases productivity by allowing either concurrent or shift work on the system, depending on your needs.