Semper Admin Exam

1. Where, in Setup & Admin do you go to customize things like payment type and reservation type?


2. Is it possible to create different rates for different days of the week?


3. The best way to calculate a deposit is to…..


4. What Codes are used to interface Semper with Pastel?



5. Under which tab is the button for linking Pastel codes found?


6. VAT and Banking Details Are Customized in…..


7. All custom data fields pertaining to guest information can be customized in…


8. Is it possible to add a product price and a room price to the same rate?


9. Where are user control settings found?


10. Where do you set the default Deposit Percentage?


11. The Debtors system in Semper shows…


12. A reservation cannot be changed to “Checked Out” status even though the reservation balance is zero, what is likely the cause of this?


13. Accommodation transactions on a reservation can be:


14. You cannot change the heading of a pro-forma/invoice heading.


15. You can select a default country on Semper.


16. Can you add a deposit percentage on Semper?


17. You cannot change the default currency symbol for your venue.


18. You cannot change the default currency symbol for your venue.


19. You can add as many different payment types on semper as you like.


20. Are you able to change the display sequence of your rooms on your calendar?


21. Different users can have different security settings on Semper.


22. You can add different business sources on Semper.


23. A Casual Sale can be reversed in Semper once completed


24. A cash up can be removed on Semper once it has been completed.


25. You cannot reverse a transaction on a reservation once it has been invoiced:


26. You can change the default arrival and departure time on Semper.


27. There are set expense types in Semper which cannot be altered.


28. You cannot add different internet channels on Semper.


29. You can customise the different reservation statuses on semper


30. If you do a month-end, you need to check and make sure you do not have any confirmed or provisional bookings in the past.


31. If you want to see some training manuals, you can go to each section and click on Documentation.


32. You can cancel an invoice on a reservation when the booking is checked out or active out:


33. Under the “setup and admin” tab:

You added a new product category and then added products to it, then you go to charge the new products to a booking, but they do not show up, how would you fix this?


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