Semper Front Desk Exam

This Exam is designed to test your level of competence in carrying out basic functions of the Semper front desk operations.

1. Please type your name & surname.

2. Please type the name of the Lodge/Hotel/Guest House you currently work for.

3. What colour is the Icon for the Semper Reservations workstation?


4. What is the best way to create a new reservation?


5. If the reservation has turned green it means that…


6. How many types of customizable rates are there in the system.


7. How many rates are you limited to per room type?


8. If a booking is displayed in Italics then it is…..


9. Is it possible to bill more than one guest per room?


10. Notes can be attached to…


11. The Daily Dashboard shows you………..


12. What is the “o” button next to the date on the calendar screen used for?



13. Where does the Semper Server Icon appear if it is running?


14. If a reservation is yellow it means that….


15. If a reservation is grey it means that….


16. If a reservation is red it means that….


17. What crucial process must be completed when  once all charges have been applied and the guest is leaving?


18. Do you have any comments about this quiz?

19. You can customise the colour of a single reservation.


20. You can add a guest’s birthday from the reservation screen.


21. Can accounts be merged on Semper?


22. Are you able to view the transaction history of a reservation?


23. You can make a room out of service on the calendar.


24. Can you post a casual sale to an international tour operator’s account?


25. You cannot remove a room from a group booking once the booking has been created.


26. There is a function in Semper which allows you to cash up all the users at once.


27. How can a booking be made in Semper?


28. You can cancel an invoice on a booking when the booking is:


29. Can all the guests checking in or checking out be seen in one place on Semper?


30. Can you open the POS directly from RES?


31. The cash up report type can be generated in:


32. Can you change the dates of an out of service room once the room has been made out of service?


33. If you login and only see the statuses on the bookings, how do you change it to see the guest names/surnames:


34. If you want to check in a booking and you get the message “System does not allow you to have two In-house reservations in the same room”. It is because there is already a booking in-house on the room, either in the past or in the future.


35. Can you leave a note for another user in Semper?


36. Multiple guests can be checked in at any given time using the “Check In” function.