Semper Reservationist Exam

1. You can block reservations from showing in the POS.


2. You cannot add different rates to different reservations.


3. Commission can be added to the following:


4. You can see all the outstanding invoices on Semper.


5. How do you make a new group booking?


6. You can post a casual sale to an in-house booking.


7. You cannot have a default title on Semper.


8. The invoice setup can be changed in Semper.


9. You cannot add remarks on semper


10. There isn’t a place to see all your no show bookings on semper


11. If you cancel a booking with transactions on and then later re-instate the booking will the transactions still be there?


12. If you quickly want to see the occupancy for the day and room nights for the day, you can go to:


13. If you cannot sell a room due to maintenance , you can block the room:


14. You cannot do a quote in Semper.


15. Accommodation charges cannot be summarized on Invoices as follows:


16. When a booking is made a “No Show”, all charges and payments already on the booking are automatically cancelled.


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