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With emphasis on performance and functionality, iVend Retail fully supports customer-facing Omnichannel and empowers the Enterprise Retailer by providing the right tools For The Way Retailers Work Today.
iVend Retail provides enterprise-wide inventory visibility leading to better fulfilment from in-stock inventory from anywhere in the enterprise. With iVend Retail, all departments rely on a single stream of data truth to make informed decisions faster, offer better management and streamline processes that drive profit, all the while delighting shoppers.


UltiSales is easy to use with features such as emailing of documents and statements, bill-of-material, production and contract pricing.
Provides an affordable and scalable solution that enables retailers to manage their business effectively. UltiSales point of sale software is easy to use yet it provides process around price changes, stock control and debtors management.
The UltiSales reporting enables the retailer to make informed decisions in the management of the business to improve turnover and profitability. The information is available through a powerful set of reports with user-defined parameters, CSV exports and bar-graphs.

Retail Office

Retail Office provides the grocery vertical a complete retail management solution comprising a complete Back Office system, stock system, and point of sale solution. Retail Office manages recipe, deli and butchery.                                                                                                                   


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