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UltiSales is one of Touch Africa’s dedicated retail point of sale software packages, it excels in fiscal integration and offers exceptional user friendliness.

1. Pastel Integration
Pastel Evolution and lower, offers detailed importing from UltiSales Systems.
2. Multi store
Enables centralized administration of branches. The multi store links branches to one head office machine. It allows control over pricing, security, stock control across board. While also providing consolidated reports for all branches and makes it easier for branch comparison and performance.
3. EVD Ready
Argility allows for airtime dispensing direct from the Till terminal.
4. Block TestDescription:
Provides a simple and effective butchery stock control system. Managing your Bulk Meats down to your final various meat cuts.

Retail Office (Argility)

Retail Office (formerly known as Argility) is Touch Africa’s leading retail point of sale solution, with deep integration with Pastel Evolution.

1. I.B.T Export Functionality
Added new feature: Option to export and import I.B.T’s between branches
2. Yard Export
Added new feature: Exporting yard items after transaction.
Able to print barcode after yard export of transaction number.
3. Fast reports tender types
Payment Method, Tender Amount and Change now displays on fast report slips.
4. EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer
5. Email functionality